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Basic 7-Services Provided By Assisted Living at Home

Most parents do not want to become a burden to their children when they reach a stage when they need some additional aid or specialized care for their chronic ailments or debilitating condition.  They do not want to leave the comfort of their home but at the same time cannot manage their daily activities.  In such circumstances assisted living at home delivers comprehensive care to adults and substantially improves their quality of life by providing home based support and creates a safe and nurturing environment while allowing for independence and dignity for seniors and adults and offers peace of mind to other family members.

Assisted living at home provides outstanding and quality services to elders who are affected by Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, ALS, neurological disorders, or other physical or mental illnesses, to live independent and meaningful lives.

Assisted living at home also offer services like:

  • Home safety inspection:  The main goal is safety and security of the adults and to prevent untoward falls or mishaps in the home to avoid emergency room visits or hospital stays.  They provide a free room-to-room evaluation of the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, hallway, staircase, entrance, exits etc and give you advice, suggestions and even guide you to make changes, alteration, rearrange to improve accessibility.  For example they may rearrange furniture, increase lighting in the pathways, or install handrails, use non-skid mats, etc to give you the peace of mind that contributes to the health and well being of the elderly members.
  • Home Gyms:  Assisted living at home can help to set up a location in your home with the basic products to do strength training to increase flexibility, mobility and coordination.
  • Personal care/aid:  This includes bathing, dressing, assistance in walking and other personal care.
  • Medical Management:  A nurse takes care of the daily medicines.  Gives a regular reminder of medicines during day and at night.  Whenever you need emergency service assisted living at home is always there to sort your problems.
  • Day Programs:  The days programs are also called senior daycare are designed to keep the seniors busy with activities and socialization during the day, while providing a break for caregivers.  Most of the day programs are primarily social, while still others provide limited health services or specialize in disorders such as early stage Alzheimer’s.
  • House Maintenance:  Elders who find difficulty in taking care of household work like laundry, shopping, gardening, housekeeping, etc, then assisted living at home can provide these services and undertake all this with utmost care and affection.
  • Transportation:  This provide transportation service like taking the client to medical appointments, barber or beauty salons, shopping or visiting friend or anywhere where the client’s desires.  Getting the seniors out of their home make them feel good in body and spirit.

First and foremost you must evaluate the needs of your elders and figure out what type of assistance they need and then hire customized services which suit their wants.  No matter how strong the family bond or support is, care giving is emotionally and physically exhausting and so getting services from assisted living at home provides the best solution to all the aging problems.

Independent Living Solutions is happy to assist you with all your assisted living at home issues and concerns as we know how challenging assisted living at home can be.

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