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  • Assisted Living At Home

    Basic 7-Services Provided By Assisted Living at Home Most parents do not want to become a burden to their children when they reach a stage when they need some additional aid or specialized care for their chronic ailments or debilitating condition.  They do not want to leave the comfort of their home but at the same time cannot manage their daily activities.  In such circumstances assisted living at home delivers comprehensive care to adults and substantially ...

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  • Basement Renovation tips and ideas

    Basement renovation tips and ideas Full height basement renovation is fairly uncomplicated and cost-effective method and it can add new extra space into your house but is basement renovation is actually worth it for your space? If you are planning a basement renovation, you should first of all inspect your basement for the following problems like. How high is your basement? Have you stooped to avoid bumping your head on a beam or duct? Where is your ...

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  • Kevin

    We were looking to make a barrier free bathroom and we decided to work with Independent Living Solutions because of their professional, knowledgeable stuff and we are very happy we did so. Thank you.

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  • Kerry Ohana –

    Working and dealing with Independent Living Solutions has been a true pleasure and a successful project for us. I recommend them highly!

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