Barrier Free Washroom

Barrier Free Washrooms

Creating an accessible bathrooms or barrier free washroom design has now become normal in creating a public world which is more readily accepting disabled individuals.  Independent Living Solutions’ expert designs prove that it is not very difficult to create a bathroom which is still beautiful but also barrier free and as result, everyone can enjoy a washroom whatever their physical incapacities or capacities are.  Our barrier free washroom designs, accessories can be easily installed assuring full safety and protection to the less mobile-person.

What is usually meant by barrier free washroom design though, is a bathroom which has a spacious interior with a wide entrance door.  Ideally there must be enough room for a person with a wheelchair, and a helper if necessary. There also must be plenty of grab rails, strategically placed wherever they could be needed. All the facilities such as the bathtub, washbasin and toilet must be approachable for a person in a wheelchair, and must not have anything protruding from them that could cause injury to the user. Increasingly, now a day the standards for barrier free bathroom design are rising, as people realize that you can have a bathroom that works for a disabled person and which still looks beautiful too.

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