Basement Renovation tips and ideas

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Basement renovation tips and ideas

Full height basement renovation is fairly uncomplicated and cost-effective method and it can add new extra space into your house but is basement renovation is actually worth it for your space?

If you are planning a basement renovation, you should first of all inspect your basement for the following problems like.

  • How high is your basement? Have you stooped to avoid bumping your head on a beam or duct?
  • Where is your access point i.e the door to the basement? is it from the outside, separate access or is it from the main house?
  • Where is your furnace and laundry room located?

Other things to consider for basement renovation are:


Dampness or leaks inside the walls or floor must be corrected, as a damp or wet basement is not an appropriate residing area.  Moisture troubles can ruin even one of the most costly basement renovation projects and make your basement unlivable.  Damp walls and floors result from holes or cracks inside the foundation, insufficient damp proofing around the exterior face of walls, poor drainage at walls and footings and site grading that slopes towards the foundation.  Wetness may possibly also be triggered by a higher water table, which exerts hydrostatic pressure on the walls and floor.


Though small cracks may possibly be patched up from the inside, huge cracks and other causes of dampness can be best repaired from the outside.  This sometimes means employing heavy machinery to excavate across the foundation walls to the footings.  The moment the walls as well as the footings are exposed, it is possible to patch little holes or cracks with water-resistant grout.


Water can seep up via the basement floor and gather or appear at cracks and holes and accumulate on the edge where the floor meets the walls.  If this occurs frequently or seasonally, it may be the outcome of an improperly functioning foundation drain.  The drainage tile or pipe across the footing could be crushed, plugged or missing, and must be repaired or replaced. The drainage tile should be perforated with holes to gather groundwater, and positioned to ensure that its bottom is beneath the basement floor.

There are plenty more things to know about basement renovation and how to prepare for one so just give us a call and one of our basement renovation experts will come and discuss with you all your basement renovation ideas and options.

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