Roll In Shower

Roll In Shower

Showering is a daily ritual that should be enjoyable but it becomes a difficult exercise for the physically challenged if they are dependent on someone else to take of their daily showering.  For such individuals as well as elderly people, a roll-in-shower or roll-in-stall is a recommended solution in many cases.

The roll-in-showers that we provide at Independent Living Solutions are easier to get in an out and are far more convenient than the conventional showers or bathtubs.  Individuals who have mobility problems can walk in directly or transfer into a barrier free shower or a wheelchair bound can easily take his wheelchair into a roll-in-shower without any assistance.

Our roll-in-showers are designed in a manner that allows free navigation with ease.  The showers have slip resistant textured floor so there is no room for trips and falls.

We have various models, sizes, colors, and accessories available and you can choose one that suits your décor.  Our professional can help you to transform your existing bathrooms into a barrier free shower for the disabled.

The most common and ready-to-use roll-in-showers that we have are:

  1. 60 inch and 72 inch roll-in-shower.
  2. 54 inch and 60 inch bathtub replacement showers with end drains.
  3. 48 inch and 54 inch accessible showers.
  4. Corner showers.

Our 60″ residential roll-in-showers offer a wide opening so that a wheelchair can easily enter into the shower stall.  The elderly or wheelchair bound can transfer himself directly from the wheelchair to a fold down shower bench.

We also have portable roll-in-shower stalls for wheelchair bound that are very convenient and practical and provide sense of independence to the individual and he can enjoy his showering experience.  We also provide a sturdy aluminum ramp which has a 500 pound capacity and can be easily removed when not in use. The shower ramp is 24.00 inches long and 32.00 inches wide.  Due to the low cost, user-friendly, highly effective and maintenance free features, the roll-in-shower stall can be used anywhere in a house.  You can save thousands of dollars not having to remodel your bathroom and the plumbing system.  Moreover the shower stall is not fastened to the floor or walls so building permits are not needed to use the shower stall.

The beauty with a roll-in shower is that there is no transferring involved and one can immerse himself immediately and completely in the comfort of a waterproof, lightweight, rust-resistant shower chair without any external help.

Our main goal is to improve the quality life for seniors and people with disabilities at home by providing high quality products at affordable prices with unmatched customer service.

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