Basement Renovation

Basement Renovation

The basement is often the most neglected area of the house; however, with basic renovation and minor touch ups, even the most horrid or unused basements can be turned into a comfortable, enjoyable living area.  Utilizing your basement space by turning it into a beautiful playroom for your children, a recreational area for family get together, or even use it as an extra bedroom, office, or for hobbies can make the space more enjoyable and your home more valuable.  Basement renovations can make your home feel bigger and more pleasurable.

We at Independent Living Solutions believe that Basement renovation is a great investment and increases the resale value of your property. We can turn your dull and scary basement in to a lively area that is accessible to all members of your family including the elderly, disabled and children.  Make sure you choose the right basement re-modeler for your house as per your budget and requirements.

When deciding to remodel or renovate you must first decide what you would like to do and how do you want to use your basement.

Give a thought to these questions.

  1. Do you want a new floor layout?
  2. Do you want to enlarge your old existing space?
  3. Do you want your basement accessible?
  4. Do you want to add a bathroom, bath, or shower?

Basement renovations are a very delicate matter and it is imperative that you understand the possible problems and issues and have ample knowledge to tackle them effectively.  Our service can help prevent these issues before they become problems and ensure you get the basement renovation you need, – hassle-free.

Our professionals will deal with:

  • Waterproofing problems.
  • Cracked or peeling walls.
  • Level of dryness and heat captured by your basement.
  • Insulation and flooring.
  • Vent opening for better circulation.
  • Enlarging windows for more natural light.
  • Color theme to enhance your design and style.
  • Fixtures and lighting arrangements.

If you intend to make renovations to your basement for the wheelchair bound then you must follow the approved specifications incorporated into the design of the basement.  It will make life easier for the disabled and help with the day-to-day activities that most people take for granted.  It also makes for a safer living environment and will reduce accidents.

Feel free to contact us for free consultation before you decide to renovate your basement.