Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation

Here at Independent Living Solutions we know that the kitchen is the heart of the home and one of the most important rooms in the house if not THE most important one for every family.

We also understand that it is equally important for the disabled or handicapped individuals in their quest for a better quality of living to be able to maneuver and operate in the kitchen freely and in doing so increase their independency many times over.

Independent living solutions have a wealth of experience with home remodelling and kitchen renovation projects and through our many years of experience we realize that each home whether it’s an apartment or a house is presenting us with different challenges especially when it comes to kitchen renovations for handicapped, elderly or disabled individuals as each person or a family has their own challenges and sees barriers in a different way.

Some handicapped people are wheelchair bound and therefore require a kitchen remodelling approach that is focused on wheelchair accessibility with height challenges, sink, storage and of course the ability to move around freely in a some tight spaces.

Independent living solutions is well aware of the progress that has been done with assisted living products and assisted living technology in the past years and we do our very best to utilize the products and technology advancement to our client’s advantage in every project we take.

It is our mission to look at your kitchen remodelling project as a complete project that is designed to make your life better for years to come.

Call our Independent living solutions expert today and request your FREE in home consultation to learn how we can make your kitchen remodelling project  a better one.