Shower Chair

shower chair

Shower Chairs

Shower chairs are devices made from water resistant materials and are designed to be used in a shower or tub by physically challenged or elderly people who have limited mobility.  They come in various designs from a stool-type for people who can safely have the shower to wheelchair types for those who need added security and are unable to sit upright.

We have a range of shower chairs with special features to provide assistance and prevent falls. Our shower chairs come in both adult and pediatric models.

The features of our shower chairs are:

1.         Arm handles:  The shower chairs with arm handles allow for easy gripping when entering and exiting the shower or tub.  Other models also have handles on the top of the back rest which automatically eliminate the need for other handles to be installed in the bathroom.

2.         Non-slip tips on legs of shower chairs:  We provide rubber covers on the ends of the legs to prevent slipping when the person is sitting down or rising from a chair.

3.         Construction:  Our shower chairs are constructed from durable, water-resistant material and each shower chair has a weight limit which adheres to regulations.

4.         Transfer Benches:  Some of our shower chairs come with attachments known as transfer benches.  These benches can be easily attached to the side of the shower chair and fit over the edge of the tub to allow for easy transfer from outside the tub to inside on the shower chair and vice versa.

We are always trying to improve our products that are more comfortable and safe at the same time.  Our “Super safe shower chair” model is achieving this goal by:

  • Fitting well in almost all standard showers and baths.
  • Being easily adjustable.
  • Ensuring sturdy and comfortable to use.
  • Helping to make life easier for individuals with physical disabilities.
  • Keeping or easily removing the back sections to serve it as a stool.
  • Providing easy cleaning and wiping, as it is made from plastic or aluminum.
  • Ensuring easy assembly.  No need for tools or baffling and confusing constructions.
  • Holding up to 200 Kgs.
  • Having angled legs to distribute weight over a large area, thus increase security.
  • Providing non-slip rubber feet on all four legs for extra stability and safety.
  • Providing non-slip surface with drainage holes to avoid water and soap build-up.

Besides this, we also have various other shower chairs with different seats, arm and back like:

  • Padded Shower Chair with arm rests and back.
  • Sliding Transfer Bench with padded cut out seat.
  • Sliding Transfer Bench with padded swivel seat and back.

If after using our shower chairs, you are not satisfied or are not comfortable and safe, or change your mind, then contact us and we assure you prompt replacement or a refund.

You can even ask for a free consultation and we will respond immediately and give you all  information.