Toilet Bar

Toilet Bar

Toilet Bar

Toilet bars are safety devices designed in order to maintain balance, to lessen fatigue while standing or to hold some of the body weight while manoeuvring as well as providing something to grab in case of accidental slip or fall.  Toilet bars also help caregiver assistance when transferring the disabled individual from one place to another.

When someone is handicapped or partially disabled then he is always in need of extra help and bars installed at intervals in walkways, rest rooms or in toilets give them confidence and safety.  Life is generally hard for less-abled or the elderly and they can not do routine activities like showering, bathing, getting in an out of toilet.  If toilet bar is installed then life becomes much easier for them.

Bathroom and toilet is a place where extra care and precaution is needed due to the wet surface.  To stay safer in the bathroom, tub or shower, the first step is to install bathroom safety toilet/grab bars.  Our safety grab bars are inexpensive and are available in wide range of sizes, colors, finishes, and shapes.

Toilet bars increase accessibility and provide safety to people with a variety of disabilities or mobility difficulties.  Primarily, these bars were used in public handicapped toilet stalls, but now they are also used in private homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, and nursing homes.  Grab bars also known as toilet bar are most commonly installed next to a toilet or in a shower or bath enclosure.

Grab bars next to a toilet help people using a wheelchair to transfer to the toilet seat and back to the wheelchair with ease.  They also assist people who have difficulty while sitting, gait problems or rising up from a sitting position.  These toilet bars help to maintain balance while standing or maneuvering, aid in transferring into and out of the enclosure, and generally help to avoid slips and falls.

Our toilet bars can be installed in different positions for example:

  • Vertical grab bars help to balance while standing.
  • Horizontal grab bars provide assistance while sitting or rising from a sitting position or grab onto in case of a slip or fall.
  • Some bars can be installed at an angle, depending on the needs of the user and the positioning.

There are many points that you have to consider when deciding which toilet bar to use and how to install it.  The most important point to consider is fixing the toilet bar.  It must be secured firmly so that it does not pull out of the wall when pressure is applied to it.  Each installation must be properly secured into wall blocking or studs to provide the best support.  You can do-it-yourself or hire our services and our professionals will guide you or install them if you want

When installing the toilet bar we follow the approved guidelines.

Our side toilet bar is minimum of 42 inches long and mounted 12 inches from the rear wall, and rear grab bar is minimum of 36 inches long and mounted a maximum of 6 inches from the side wall.

We understand the need and trends of today, so we have toilet bars that blend with the bathroom accessories and décor and have style as well.  We have straight bars, fold bars, L-shaped bars, U shaped bars, corner grab bars, etc.

Choose from our range of products that best suits your need and requirements. You can even ask a free consultation and we will satisfy you with all information