Toilet Safety

Toilet Safety

Toilet Safety

Toilet safety products, frames and accessories make the bathroom a safer environment for individuals with special needs.  This can create a big difference in the life of a senior who has little mobility or for a mobility challenged person.  Very often seniors or those who are wheelchair bound get stuck on the toilet because the seat is too low or there are no grab bars or handles which they can pull or push to support them.

The main purpose of toilet safety frames is to prevent accidents in the bathroom like slipping or sliding while getting on or off of the toilet seat.  The arm rests on the sides of toilet safety frames are designed to work as supporters or guide.  They serve as push off points when rising to and from the toilet.  Some of our models clamp onto the toilet with brackets without the use of tools, while other models can be mounted directly onto the toilet with bolts.

Features of our toilet safety frame include:

  • Folding back arms for cleaning and that are detachable or easily removed for transfers.
  • A frame that is made of anodized, non-corrosive in aluminum tubing.
  • A lifetime warranty.
  • Weight limitation is up to 250 lbs.
  • Aluminum brackets that is easy to attach.
  • Armrests that provide firm and secure hand support.
  • They are made of metal and plastic materials.
  • Frames can usually be adjusted for width and height.

Our toilet safety frames are generally designed for anyone with decreased strength, weakness, endurance and balance.  Many seniors and disabled individuals fit into these categories.

Tips you need to follow when purchasing toilet safety frames:

  • Handle height – Make sure that the handles are adjustable, low enough so the individual can easily push up from the handles and high enough that they can still hold it for balance while standing.
  • Sturdiness – Try a few different designs as some fit better than others.
  • Weight limit – Make sure the item you purchase is suitable for your weight and size.

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