Ontario’s seniors stay at home tax credit is well received by a Toronto construction company

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Independent Living Solutions, a Toronto based general contractor company focused on providing home renovations for seniors and disabled individuals is excited to take part of the new Ontario home renovation tax credit that helps seniors make the home renovations they need to meet their changing needs so they can remain at home as they grow older.

The new Ontario tax credit will be worth 15% of up to $10,000 in renovations per year (The maximum credit would be $1,500 each year) and can be claimed by seniors who own their own home or relatives who are providing a home for a senior member of the family. The new tax credit would help keep seniors safe, relieve pressures on long-term care home costs as it makes it more affordable for seniors to install chair lifts, barrier free bathrooms or any other home improvements to help them stay in their homes more safely and comfortably.

Independent Living Solutions is a general contractor company serving the greater Toronto area for over 2 decades, focusing on providing home remodeling solutions to seniors and disabled individuals seeking to modify their homes to adjust to their disabilities.

Independent living solutions provide home renovations such as walk in showers, chair lifts, wheel chair ramps, barrier free bathrooms and more. These exact same house renovation services that will benefit seniors and allow them to stay longer in their homes while living independently.

“We have been helping seniors stay at home safely for many years. Working closely with seniors and disabled individuals helping them upgrade their homes in order to adjust to their disabilities. We are very happy to have the Ontario government recognize the need of our aging population and putting forth this tax credit.” said David Wiseman, Independent Living Solutions Partner.

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