Stair Chairs

Stair Chair

Stair chairs can be a lifesaver to many people. They can be necessary and useful when an individual is disabled, injured or just unable to battle a flight of stairs.  In many homes, they are an essential and invaluable device.  Stair chair will provide users with that essential vertical lift necessary to move up and down. Our stair chairs are made of very high quality materials which include steel and heavy wood and with very comfortable supports and padding.  It consists of a wide and a solid seating area, sturdy armrests and plenty of room for legs.

Who Needs Stair Chairs?

A stair chair is a device for lifting people along the stairs that has a chair mounted to move along the railings.  A rail is mounted onto the side of the stairs, with seating pan, back rest, arm rests and foot rests attached in place to allow a person to be transported up and down the stairs.  This provides the user greater mobility in getting around at home and going upstairs or downstairs, regardless of how many times and how many stairs there are.  Elderly members at home appreciate and love the device for the self reliance and mobility, convenience as well as comfort it affords.

Different Types of Stair Chair Lifts:

Chair lift for stairs comes in various forms, namely wheelchair stair lifts, electric stair lifts, curved stair lifts and vertical platform lifts.  These home stair lift systems are made for residential use and are mostly for single or double flights of stairs. They work on the same principles of stair lifting as described above.

Key Features and Functions of our Stair Chairs:

Unlike the raw first generation type of stair lifts, our latest stair chair systems include key features like adjustable carrier seat height, pressure sensitive safety surfaces, call stations, flip railing, key switches, speed regulators, seat belts ,foldable foot rests, as well as soft start and stops.  The slim line design allows you to fold away the chair and also gives a clean and neat look to the device while the pressure sensitive safety features ensures the user’s safety. These features are both functional and provide the user the smoothest possible ride up and down the stairs.

Materials that we use for the railings are mainly aluminum and steel, which can easily be mounted with strong metal cleats to take the shape of the straight or winding stairs.  Curved railings are versatile and can take on various individual designs.

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