The Top 10 Tips for Making Your Kitchen Renovation Shine

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Many designers, contractors, and do-it-yourself types will all tell you the number one home remodeling project is a kitchen renovation, and with good reason. According to many estimates, the return on your money for a typical kitchen renovation is 85 percent – and will provide even more valuable “intangibles” to you and your family for years to come.
At Independent Living Solutions, we’ve been doing kitchen renovation work for more than 20 years and, unfortunately, have had to come in several times at the last minute and save a client’s project because of work they started and couldn’t finish – and even re-do work by another contractor that wasn’t up to code.
Tips for a Successful Kitchen Renovation
We’d like to offer our top 10 tips we’ve collected over the years to help your kitchen renovation go as smoothly as possible, and result in something that’s functional and aesthetically pleasing.
• Use quality materials. For cabinets, use sturdy drawer slides and handles, and stay away from anything stapled together or made from particle board.
• Maximize wall space. If you have eight foot ceilings, then install floor-to-ceiling cabinets as they’ll be the best use of available space, proving more options for shelves, slide-out pantries, and other features popular with today’s kitchen renovation projects.
• Decide whether you want to paint or stain your cabinets. Stains look nice, but their finish can fade quickly in a kitchen with lots of heat, moisture, and sunlight – and they can be difficult to strip or refinish.
• Select an elegant but stain resistant counter top. There are many quality and moderately priced engineered surface coverings to choose from that are durable and easy to maintain.
• If you have room to install an island, make sure it’s functional. If it’s a sink and cabinet combination, try not to clutter it with appliances.
• A butler’s pantry – a spacious area for dry goods and other items, sometimes including a small sink – is a nice touch, but do you really have the need or the room for it? Many modern kitchen renovation projects have replaced walk-in pantries with cabinet-based versions that slide out for easy access.
• Make sure the kitchen is properly ventilated. We’d recommend using a fan and ventilation that leads into an attic space – and then outdoors – or directly outside the home.
• Consider a stainless steel sink over any other kind for your kitchen renovation. Why? Well, because it’s stainless steel – and we’ve lost track of the number of customers who’ve asked how to remove such-and-such a stain from a sink with another finish. That’s not a problem with stainless steel.
• Integrate colored faceplates for the refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher to match your cabinetry.
• Make your kitchen warm and inviting, a place where you can gather with loved ones and enjoy cooking together or conversation during a casual meal. Kitchens are meant to be functional, not an in-home museum piece.
Finally, the key to a successful kitchen renovation is one that meets your goals and objectives, and stays within budget from start to finish.

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