Barrier Free Shower

Barrier Free Showers

Barrier-free showers for handicapped individuals are installed to provide the safest and the most independent showering experience possible and as such Independent Living Solutions follows strict guidelines when designing and installing barrier free showers.

Shower Entrance:

It is important that the shower of a handicapped person is as easy to get in and out of as easily as possible.  Some people can maneuver over a small lip, used to keep water in the shower and to keep it off the bathroom floor while others cannot manage the lip as they need to get a wheelchair into the shower.  We can help provide shower solution for any type of barrier or lip including showers that have barrier-free shower pans to hold the water.

Walk in showers:

Our easy access walk-in showers are designed particularly for people with Limited Mobility who prefer a shower instead of a Walk-in Bath. Our walk-in-shower feature includes upscale designs and high quality tempered glass. Accessibility Screens that open separately and fold back allowing easy shower access to the user.  It also includes a sturdy padded folding chair which provides the safety that is needed while taking a shower.  The Dual Shower Heads that we provide will give you the flexibility to take a standard shower or use the hand shower.

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