Stair Lifts

Stair Lifts

A stair lift is simply a chair which runs on a track, accurately following the line of the stairs. It can be fitted onto any staircase, whether it’s straight, curved, spiral or even outdoors.

Independence with the stair lift:

The modern stair lift brings various benefits to its users.  They allow people with mobility problems to have their home adapted so they can access the upstairs of their home and allow people to stay in their own places, where neighbors and amenities are familiar to them. This will act as a new lease on life and find new independence.

Our stair lifts run via electricity.  However, we have models with a battery back-up which is on a continuous charging.  This means that it can be used even in a power outage.

Stair lift in its simplest form carries an elderly or disabled person from one floor to another.  Generally, these differently-abled people can walk around their home without many issues, but stairs pose particular problem.  Anyone on crutches will also find a stair lift beneficial.

How does stair lift work?

A chair goes up and down a track which is connected through the stairs. The track is usually bolted to the stair treads rather than the wall or the banisters. It does not matter what kind of stairs the user has. Wood, cement or brick stairs, all are fine.  In case of the non wooden stairs the manufacturer will use special screws to ensure safety.

A hand gadget is connected to the chair lift and on some stair lifts; this gadget is integral to the chair’s armrest, however, on many models, it is detached.  It looks a bit like a TV remote control.  Sometimes, it can also be attached to the chair by a wire.  Some models have 2 remotes – one at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom, which can be used to ‘summon’ the chair in other direction.

Our swivel chair is safe and useful.  When it is moving up and down the stairs, it faces directly away from the wall and when the user is getting on/off the chair, it turns 90 degrees and locks, so that the person can safely dismount, facing away from the stairs.

Various models, types, and sizes of stair lifts are available with us.

The main ones are:

The Wheelchair Stair Climber:  This works best where conventional lifts do not work and is suitable both for indoor and outdoor purposes.  It is portable and battery operated.

The Curved Stair Lift: If the staircase has bends, corners or half-landings, then one will need a curved stair lift, which is a little less straightforward and whose rails will need to be custom-built.

The Vertical Platform Lifts:  This lift comes with a solid platform and solid guard panel. This lift is the most economical solution for basic residential needs.

Whether you need stair lift for residential, commercial or for public places we can do the job safely and at the lowest prices possible with best services.

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