Handicap Accessible Doors

Handicap Accessible Doors

Disabilities can be partial, temporary or permanent but regardless, it is important that the disable person continues his daily chores and routines independently with ease and comfort.

Traditional home builders do not build houses keeping the disabled or elderly in mind.  This makes the challenged person’s life actions hard to deal with.  Independent Living Solutions understands these difficulties and we try to tackle the basic problems to make life a little easier and more productive.

That is why we offer handicap accessible remodeling and accessibility modifications to enhance and improve the safety and accessibility of your home.

When installing handicap accessible doors, we consider the following:

  1. We provide doors that are wide enough to allow walker and wheelchair access.  If the doorway is positioned in a standard hallway and a wheelchair need to turn, then a wider door and more floor space is required.  A 36-inch door makes the room accessible to the less mobile person.
  2. The entry doors have a minimum 32-inch net opening which means from the doorstop to the door’s face when the door is in a 90 degree open position.
  3. Doorways are angled at 45 degrees for easy navigation of wheelchair.
  4. Automatic door opener is installed so that the disabled person can easily swing open the door.
  5. Accordion door is another option provided you have enough space.
  6. Pocket door is another better and practical option.

Doors are the first thing to modify for easy accessibility for all Power Wheelchair Operator (PWO).

We modify existing entrance doors and widen them for easy wheelchair and walker accessibility.  We also provide guidance and service to relocate doors, remove the existing unit, widen the entrance frame, install a wider door unit or repair the doors and provide handicap accessible solutions.

Our handicap accessible door provides a barrier free entrance that is not only safe, easy, and user-friendly, but also designed with attractive exteriors.  We also ensure that the pathways and doorways have special knobs that do not need much pressure to open and are at the height of a wheelchair.

We can install or guide you towards building handicap accessible doors.  Our range includes the following:

  • Hinged doors.
  • Double doors.
  • Pocket doors and folding doors.
  • Passageway accessories.
  • Other door accessories.

Our success is the outcome of teamwork between the handicap accessible door expert, top door technicians and installers, and dedicated management recognized for outstanding customer service.  Our company provides emergency service on all door brands to customers 24×7 with good quality, competitive rates, and we have handicap accessible doors that are beautiful, sturdy, operate smoothly and require minimum maintenance.

Call us today for a FREE evaluation and consultation to see how we can make your home more comfortable and accessible.