Wheel Chair Access

Wheelchair access

Wheelchair Access

Wheelchairs provide the mobility and independence to people with mobility issues and with the latest advancement in technology, innovations are being made to improve the use of wheelchairs and their functionality.

Through the years wheelchairs developed and are now more easy to operate however, wheelchair access is not as available in all areas of daily use and this is where Independent Living Solutions steps up and works with individuals and families to retrofit, renovate and create areas, platforms or any other ways to increase wheelchair access and make the lives of wheelchair users more accesible.

There are several ways to improve the situation and increase wheelchair accesability:

  • Build an elevator or a lift.
  • Build a ramp to allow for easier access

Other than accessing your home, appartment or house entrance there are various places where wheelchair access is important for a simpler more efficient life. Areas such as bathrooms or kitchens are very tight and require considerable amount of thinking and planning to achieve a better lifestyle and wheelchair access.

If the bathroom needs to be modified for wheelchair access we can install special rails to help with manuvering the areas next to the toilet and bathtub and the disabled individual can then use his torso or upper body and extremities to move with ease without assistance.

There are many ways to increase wheelchair access and it all boils down to the enviroment wanted as well as the needs and investment one is willing to make.

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