Handicap Ramps

Handicap Ramps

A handicap ramp is an inclined plane installed in addition to, or instead of, stairs.

Indepndent living solutions has a wealth of knowledge and experience when designing the proper handicap ramp to suit your home and mobility needs. We strive to design ramps that are functional yet aesthetic and safe so they will be serving their purpose in the best way possible.

There are several aspects that we consider when designing a handicap ramp:

  • The ramp should be wide enough to be safe.
  • The ramp must be sturdy enough to carry the weight of electric wheelchairs.
  • The slope must be gentle enough for a manual wheelchair user to navigate smoothly.

There are several different handicap ramp categories, Permanent, Semi-permanent and portable.

Permanent ramps are designed for permanent usage and are fixed, bolted or cemented in place. Semi-permanent ramps rest on top of the ground or cement pad and are commonly used for short time frames, like for a function or occasion.  Permanent and semi-permanent ramps are usually made out of steel or wood.  Portable ramps are usually made from aluminum and typically fold for easy transportation.  Portable ramps are primarily intended for home and building use.

Handicap ramps when constructed correctly, are safe and sturdy structures that allow disabled people access to places they might otherwise not be able to go.

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